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Chris Van Heerden

Chris Van Heerden is the founder of van Heerden Attorneys. Chris was born and raised in the Western Transvaal before relocating to Durban where he completd his Law Degree at UKZN in 1985. He is married to Bev and they have three daughters, Lara, Jessica and Nicole. Chris holds a brown belt holder in Karate, has participated in two Comrades Marathons and the Duzi Canoe Marathon. He has summited Mt Kilimanjaro and was a member of the Trans Kariba paddling expedition having paddled 350 kilometres across Lake Kariba in seven days.

Not content to be a bystander to life, Chris life-time love affair with the bush has seen him obtain a certificate in Wilderness Management after completing the Wilderness Management Course with the Wilderness Action Group. Having led numerous wilderness trails he has become more concerned by the ever growing threat to wilderness particularly as a result of the inclination by the authorities to be more inclined to sacrifice wilderness principles in order to make areas more commercially viable. In support of a strong interest in furthering the needs for conservation Chris is also secretary of the Honourary Officers Committee for the Zululand Region.

After years of experience as a volunteer conservations officer with KZN Wildlife, Chris has become even more involved with conservation working as a freelance wilderness trails officer in Hluhluwe / Umfolozi. In an honour bestowed on very few private individuals, Chris has since around 1996 been leading parties of trailists into the Hluhluwe / Umfolozi Wilderness under authority from KZN Wildlife.

It is the fusion of bushcraft and street-smarts, balanced with old fashioned principles and family values that differentiates Van Heerden Attorneys from your run-of-the-mill law firm.

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