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Durban law firm, Van Heerden Attorneys, prides itself on offering a truly personal approach to legal services. The practice, which offers its services to both the corporate and private sectors, was founded and is still headed up by Chris van Heerden. In establishing the firm, and with it his position in the market place, Chris was faced with two inalienable facts:

  • Firstly that law is extremely personal in nature, a fact that is far too often overlooked in a sometimes callous industry.
  • Secondly that the field of law is an enormously diverse arena, over which no single individual or firm can claim expertise.

Rather than attempt to be all things to all people, Chris chose the option of offering a personalised “client centric” approach where every client is treated as the only client. This service ethos is then combined with an associate network of legal experts covering all aspects of business and commercial law, property, trusts and estates, labour and family law and litigation.

This business concept places Van Heerden Law in the unique position of being able to offer clients the truly comprehensive legal service expected of a large legal practice, with the personalised attention of a smaller firm.

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Divorce Mediation

Who would you rather have decide what happens with your children and assets after a divorce? You, during mediation.. or attorneys and judges during a protracted and expensive court divorce?


Divorce is not easy. In fact, it can be one of the most emotionally draining experiences you'll ever go through and should be regarded as a last resort.


Using our team or one of our specialist associates. We know how to apply legislation, case law, and proceedings of the High Court and Magistrate Court to the particular facts of each case and have extensive experience in this area


Van Heerden Attorneys employs a highly efficient collections department dealing with both volume consumer collections and high value commercial collections, in both the Magistrates Court and the High Court.

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